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While my husband, Carl, was in the hospital last week, we took the opportunity to update our wills. Our attorney even came to the hospital room with a witness and a notary! So it seemed only coincidental that last week on the FaceBook Organists Association, there was an advertisement for the “XS Organ Pipes Infinite Impression Cremation Urn,” a cremation urn with organ pipes on it, and it can even be customized with the deceased’s name and dates. It is now on sale for nearly half off, and only costs $44.95 with free shipping!

The cremation urn for organists

The cremation urn for organists

Upon closer inspection, however, there is merely a photo of organ pipes “permanently adhered to the urn,” rather than real organ pipes. Well, what do you expect for something for only $44.95? (and don’t forget the free shipping!)

And apparently you have to weigh 30 pounds or less before cremation, which would eliminate most humans, but might be ideal for a cat. Anyway, Carl wants an in-ground burial so I guess he’s not in the market for one of these. The ad caught my attention, though.

While we’re on the subject of humor, here are some of my favorites from the Organ Meme‘s FaceBook page:

Bombarde to Choir coupler

Bombarde to Choir couplers

Place for a handy drink!

Place for a handy drink!

Actually, the prelude turns out to be background music for people's conversations!

Actually, the prelude turns out to be background music for people’s conversations!



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