Moving forward

Real food!

Real food!

Thank you all for the moving tributes you have sent to my husband, Carl Crosier, as he faces hospice care for his pancreatic cancer. We are currently celebrating some small victories: today he was allowed to graduate to solid food after having only liquid and intravenous nutrition for almost three weeks! And for the last two days, he is now up to six double hospital “laps” completely unassisted — no walker! and he is continuing to push himself to do this four or five times a day.

I am also grateful that you are bearing with me as the focus of this blog has morphed over the years. In the beginning I wrote posts to describe the goings-on of the Music Department of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu in which Carl was the cantor and driving force for thirty-eight years, and I was the organist. I also tried to document much of the history of the music program, including the process by which the Beckerath organ came to be, and how all the musical instruments such as the handbells, the harpsichords and the continuo organ contributed to the nave becoming a virtual music instrument museum! I also took you along on our musical travels to conferences of the Lutheran Church Musicians, American Guild of Organists conventions, and our European travels. You helped me celebrate victories with my organ students. I also wrote about other personalities in the Honolulu musical community, for this is such a small island after all.  And the food porn — even the weather reports! (Mayor Kirk Caldwell just gave the “all clear” following Tropical Storm Iselle.) Thank you all for reading this blog, nearly 800 posts written to date, and to the Lutheran Church of Honolulu for continuing to host this site.

It might be worth it now to reiterate what hospice is, and what it is not. Actually there is a great website of hospice FAQs which you can read by clicking here. I especially want to underline this fact: Hospice is not a “death bed” service for people in the last 48 hours of life. 

A meeting with Father William Kunisch

A meeting with Father William Kunisch

No, in fact, a couple of days ago Carl had a meeting right here in the hospital with Ian Capps, president of Early Music Hawaii, on the upcoming musical season, and how concerts will be going ahead as planned. I also have continued work on the EMH season brochure, with a lot of Carl’s input on programs in his role as Artistic Director. Yesterday Carl also discussed repertoire with Karol Nowicki for an upcoming EMH choral concert in November, “Bridging the Centuries:” in which texts will be presented in both medieval/Renaissance settings as well as by contemporary composers. And yesterday, I was telling Father William Kunisch that every year on December 26th, Carl was already planning music for the next Christmas! Allen Bauchle, our assistant for over twenty years at LCH, said he never knew Carl not to have a project.

So, for now, no talk of “pulling the plug” — because there won’t be any. The emphasis is on quality of life and comfort.

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In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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4 Responses to Moving forward

  1. Robin Knutson says:

    Thank you, Katherine, for explaining what hospice is not!! I am very grateful for your’s and Carl’s inspiring influence on our lives. I am so happy to hear he is eating real food now, and planning and working!! I have a great respect for hospice care. They assisted my family 10 years ago this August 21st when my dad, Garland E. Johnson, passed from this life to eternity. He lives on in my heart!

    Take care, you two. Wishing you every blessing this holy season of life and love,

    Robin and Randy Knutson

  2. James F. Cartwright says:

    Thanks for the update. Congratulations, Carl, on the walking. That’s great. It’s also good to know you’re still very involved in planning the concerts for EMH.

    Keep up the good work


  3. Bill Pelandini says:

    Thank you, Katherine, for the positive update. Carl and your whole family are in our prayers. Carl’s positive and “go for it” attitude is so typical. Please give him a big hug for me!

  4. April Smith says:

    Only someone secure in their walk with God could face adversity like you are doing, Carl. I admire that. Thank you for being such a wonderful accompanist for me during the occasional flute solo for worship services at LCH. I never in my life thought I would actually get to play with a real harpsichord! Wow! And I’m sorry we haven’t taken the opportunity to make music together more often. I will never play a Bach sonata again without thinking of you (and Kathy too!)
    May you find the peace and comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ with you in every new day. Thank you, Carl, for the honor of having known you as a most gifted musician and friend. With much aloha, April

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