At home mini-concert

The children sang a duet while their father played the violin.

The children sang a duet while their father played the violin.

Custom greeting card

Hand-drawn greeting card

On Sunday we entertained our first guests, er, they entertained us since my husband, Carl Crosier, was released to hospice care in our home. It was The Stark Family, who put on a most enjoyable mini-concert with all four members of the family either singing or playing. I must tell you, it was really great to hear live music in our living room and you know with the Stark family performing, it was fantastic! The children began with an a cappella duet, then mother Georgine Stark joined them in three-part harmony, with father Darel playing the violin. I was of course amazed that the children were able to sing their own parts without having to hold their hands over their ears (!) which is what some children do when trying to sing harmony. Hearing the three-part harmony took me back to the days when I was in sixth grade, and my two younger sisters and I arranged music for ourselves to sing. (Our signature piece was “Smokey the Bear” !)

Signing the guest book

A must-do: Our guests sign the guest book!

Carl discusses Georgine's solo music for September 19.

Carl discusses Georgine’s solo music for September 19.

Of course, there was also some business to take care of, so Carl went over the solo music for Georgine for the September 19th Early Music Hawaii concert at St. Theresa’s Co-Cathedral. Mark your calendars now for a unique program of early music by women composers, featuring an all-women’s choir, and an all-women’s orchestra! Jennifer Lane, who first was contracted by Carl to sing the alto solos in the St. Matthew Passion in 2000, and has returned to Hawaii numerous times since, will be the guest conductor.

The Three Musketeers: Allen Bauchle, Carl and myself work on the EMH concert program

Allen Bauchle, Carl and I work on the EMH concert program

Then it was the return of The Three Amigos, with Allen Bauchle visiting to do the legwork for the Early Music Hawaii concert, and who has recently joined their board of directors. You must realize that for those 20-some years we worked together at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, it was a team of three who made things happen musically: Carl, myself, and Allen, whom Carl calls “his right-hand man.” Allen will be charged with copying and distributing the parts to the singers and instrumentalists.

N.B. Many people have asked about visiting. Please call or text me to give you the day’s status.

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3 Responses to At home mini-concert

  1. Anne Flanigan says:

    Aloha Kathy and Carl,
    It was good to see at Straub across the hall from my son just before the hurricane day. I’m glad to know that you are back home now. My son just returned to his old room today and nurse Jennie wheeled a cart with drawers into the room. In the drawer was a book that probably the staff assumed was a Bible, but it is The Liber Usualis and has your nametag inside. I told Jennie I would see that it is returned to you. If you will email me your address, I’ll be glad to put it in the mail or else bring it to you, whichever you prefer.
    Best wishes to both of you,

  2. Jennifer Lane says:

    I have also had the pleasure of this wonderful family’s performance in their beautiful apt. over a delicious meal that Darrel and Georgine made for Jim and me. It was so fun and lovely. They are precious jewels in Hawaii and should be treated as such.

  3. Just as you two are as well. Precious jewels.

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