Visiting firemen

From time to time, my late husband, Carl Crosier, used what I deemed “quaint” or “old-fashioned” American expressions. For example, he used to refer to our undeveloped basement in Kaneohe as “the back forty.” When something was not quite right, or askew, he would say that it was “cattywampus.” (In Hawaii, you would say that it was “kapakahi,” meaning crooked or out of alignment.) When he used these old-fashioned slang terms, I always thought he was of a different, older generation from myself, even though we were only five years apart.

female_firefighter_t_shirts_and_gifts_sticker-p217485827722324439qjcl_400As far as music, though, he often used the term “visiting firemen” to refer to professionals he brought into the mostly volunteer choir. The visiting firemen were “ringers” — people who were expected to know the notes before going into rehearsal and could lead others — but did not come every week.

Since August, I have frequently been playing the organ at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Kapahulu Avenue, and will play the high mass every Sunday through the end of October. I therefore think of myself as a “visiting fireman” — someone who is there only on a temporary basis.

Imagine my surprise, last Sunday, when I opened the Sunday bulletin and saw myself listed as “interim organist!” When looking up the definition on Wikipedia, though, I found this description: An interim official is a person who is filling an official role temporarily. I would like to emphasize the word “temporarily.”

Tomorrow night at 5:30 pm, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, is the annual evensong which will include the American Guild of Organists Installation of Officers. I can’t remember a time when I’ve not been on the Executive Board!

So in listing my current activities, you might see this (not in any particular order):

Chapel Organist, Iolani School
Parish Administrator, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church
Organ Teacher, Lutheran Church of Honolulu (14 students this semester)
Interim Organist, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Visiting fireman)
Publicity & Webmaster, American Guild of Organists, Hawaii Chapter
Order Department and Webmaster, Ionian Arts, Inc.
Blogger, Another Year of Insanity, Burbank High Class of 1968
Thank You Note writer, estate of Carl Crosier (over 100 notes written so far and only half finished! Please be patient with me!)

oh, and I just remembered that I’m subbing for John Renke this Tuesday as the organist at Priory Chapel!

About Katherine Crosier

In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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5 Responses to Visiting firemen

  1. David Kayner says:

    Kathy, you mentioned missing Carl’s voice when you heard the Bibel Ave Maria. This afternoon at St Teresa’s we are singing Palestrina’s Super Flumina Babylonis. And the same situation prevails: the last “Suspendimus organos nostros” is lacking that certain mournful countertenor quality. (Outside of that, it’s pretty good.)

  2. John * says:

    You forgot to list “Organist-accompanist for the ‘Iolani School Chorus and Hokuloa Singers!”

  3. Roger and Bonnie Smith says:

    I remember the first time I heard Carl sing in his high falsetto.He was giving me an example of how he thought my aria should be phrased. I stood in amazement and so envied his ease of hitting those high notes when I had to work much harder for that same relaxed presentation. What a vocal gift.
    I understand his use of funny phrases as I do the same thing. My students often wonder where I come up with some of these expressions. A lot of them, like ” the back 40 ” are old farming phrases. Did Carl have a connection to the mid-west? He was quiet charmer!

  4. Miguel Felipe says:

    Don’t forget:
    Program Designer and ‘interim’ committee member, ACDA Hawai‘i!

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