Happy Birthday, Peter!

One of the last pictures taken of Carl and Peter, shown at the Issaquah Cafe.

One of the last pictures taken of Carl and Peter, shown at the Issaquah Cafe.

Had he lived, today would have been Peter Hallock’s 90th birthday. For the last 15 years, my husband Carl spent every November 19th in the Seattle area, to help Peter celebrate his birthday.

You may recall that it was on Peter’s 85th birthday that the two of us flew to Seattle with about 8 boxes of pots and pans, dishes, cooking utensils, stemware, table linens and decorations to cook Peter a memorable birthday dinner with close friends. In case you want to watch it again, I’ve embedded the slideshow I created.

This year, sadly, both men are singing with the choir of angels, and Compline Choir director Jason Anderson posted the podcast of last Sunday’s service in which Peter was remembered and honored as founder and director emeritus. You can click here to hear the broadcast and to see the repertoire list.

Ready for the next party!

Ready for the next party!

The good news is that Peter’s home was purchased by his successor at St. Mark’s Cathedral, J. Melvin Butler and his wife, Mary Coon, which means that the home will remain a place of festivities and hospitality. In fact, a party is being planned for the weekend of May 9, 2015, to celebrate both men — AND, I understand that we will be using the dishes that were purchased for Peter’s 85th birthday, which remained in the house.

Meanwhile, I’m spending the evening going to a rehearsal with the University of Hawaii University Chorus and Chamber Singers, whose concert is this Friday, November 21st at St. Andrew’s Cathedral!

And tomorrow night I’ll be going to rehearsal at Holy Nativity, where I’ll be playing two services this Sunday.

No rest for the wicked!

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