A voice from the grave

Okay, okay… maybe this is a little melodramatic, but I’m currently in the process of refinancing my mortgage and the lender wanted to see a copy of the retirement letter. Retirement? I said I’m not retired, yet! But since I am the beneficiary of Carl Crosier’s annuity, I guessed they were looking for the official retirement letter from St. Andrew’s Priory. After a few emails to Carl’s former colleagues,  I was able to read, for the first time, my late husband’s thoughts written March 5th, 2013, as he was contemplating a new life away from work. I was so taken with his verbal eloquence that I would like to share it with you now.

At Carl's retirement from St. Andrew's Priory

November 1, 2013, at Carl’s retirement from St. Andrew’s Priory

This is a difficult letter to write, but I have decided it is time for me to retire from the Priory and it needs to be in 2013. Even though I have been pondering this for awhile, it became clear to me after attending the two wonderful conferences in Philadelphia last week.

Education, both private and public, is going through enormous, yes, explosive changes. These are both incredible opportunities as well as daunting challenges. Successful educational institutions are being remolded and retooled as they move forward to meet the demands of today’s world. The traditional organizational structures of schools are being rethought, which includes not only the curriculum side of the house, but also the business and development offices. These are exciting times and require new financial models and development strategies.

It is hard for me to believe that I will be 68 this year, but it is very apparent that we need a younger, more energetic and creative person to provide leadership in the business office. I am very heartened by the wonderful ideas that have surfaced through the strategic planning process and truly believe the Priory is on a wonderful path to provide an even more relevant, and “cutting edge” education to our students.

I have been so very blessed in my life. I can honestly say that there has never been a day when I didn’t want to come to work at the Priory. How many people can say that? Even during some difficult, even tumultuous times, I always tried to stay focused on our mission — educating our students to “strive for the highest.” I know I have said this so many times, but my reward is always to attend graduation to see, firsthand, the wonderful work that the school has done in preparing our young women to meet the service, rewards and challenges that lie before them. I have also been profoundly blessed to have worked with so many competent, dedicated and talented people over these many years. The current Executive Administrative Team is absolutely the best!

… My departure date is open, but I would like it to be no later than October 31st. Even after I retire, I will be “a phone call away” to answer any questions or give any assistance, and I look forward to volunteering at the school as my schedule permits.

I am deeply grateful for this wonderful opportunity to work at this truly GREAT school.

Yours most sincerely,

Carl C. Crosier
Controller/Business Manager

Sadly, Carl’s “retirement” turned out to be a fight against pancreatic cancer and he died only nine months after his last day of work.  I guess that when I miss him most is when there is news to share — news that he would really be interested in.

Like the following:

Mel Butler and Mary Coon at our apartment, with Allen Bauchle looking on.

Mel Butler and Mary Coon at our apartment, with Allen Bauchle looking on. Mel played a recital at LCH in January, 2010.

It’s 2015 and a year of new beginnings! Carl, you knew that Peter Hallock’s successor at St. Mark’s Cathedral Seattle, Mel Butler retired as of December 31st, and that Mel and his wife, Mary Coon, purchased Peter’s custom-built home and remodeled it extensively. But did you know that they still refer to it as “Chez Hallock”? And I’ll be going to Seattle in May to celebrate both Peter’s and your life.

And guess who has succeeded Mel Butler at St. Mark’s — our friend, Michael Kleinschmidt! Last June, we were in Portland and heard Michael play Trinity Sunday. (See my post “Trinity at Trinity”) I bet you’d be really pleased to know that the succession of great musicians continues in Seattle with Peter Hallock, then Mel Butler, now Michael Kleinschmidt!

Carl with Michael Kleinschmidt and Marc Aubertin in Hawaii, May 2011.

Carl with Michael Kleinschmidt and Marc Aubertin in Hawaii, May 2011.

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4 Responses to A voice from the grave

  1. jodene says:

    Mahalo for sharing the beautiful tribute to LIFE that Carl wrote.
    May the God of Peace be with you always,
    Jodene and Kit

  2. Richard Sparks says:

    What a wonderful letter–thanks for sharing.

  3. Lorna Mount says:

    What a beautiful post today. It brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Beebe Freitas says:

    Carl was The Best! Kathy, thanks so much for sharing his uplifting “retirement’ letter with us! It brings all the sterling qualities of Carl’s life back to me! MAHALO! –

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