Still speaking to me

You remember Derek Chester, don’t you? He was one of three tenors who came to sing our unforgettable Monteverdi Vespers in 2010. Today he mentioned my name in a Facebook link to the publication, (published just today, February 24, 2015), and was I ever surprised to find this picture!

Tenor Derek Chester (left) with Carl Crosier at the Boston Early Music Festival from Katherine Crosier's Another Year of Insanity blog

Tenor Derek Chester (left) with Carl Crosier at the Boston Early Music Festival
from Katherine Crosier’s Another Year of Insanity blog

The title of the article by Stephen Smoliar was “Tenor Derek Chester explores the phonological side of Schubert’s art song” so the use of my picture with Carl and Derek at the Boston Early Music Festival was really curious! Derek will be singing the role of the Evangelist in this coming weekend’s performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion with the American Bach Soloists.

It also seemed really eerie to see Carl’s picture especially after my dream about him the night before. The dream was especially vivid, and I must confess that it is only the second dream I’ve had about Carl since he died six months ago. In my dream I found him lying in bed next to me (!) and I exclaimed, “Carl! You died on August 28th and we put your body into the ground on September 6th!” and he just smiled, and said, “I’m back!”

I told him, “we had such a beautiful funeral for you and we made a CD of the service. I also made you a memorial book!” I held his hand in mine, and I said, “I’m going to get the camera — I want to take a picture of your fingers! And I’ll show you the memorial book and play you the CD!”

So in my dream, I went to get the camera, the book, and the CD. But when I came back to the bed, he was gone.

I wonder what it all means.

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