Quicksilver in Hawaii

Quicksilver will be giving a concert March 14..

The baroque group, Quicksilver, will be giving a concert March 14.

Ask the average person in the street in Hawaii if they’ve heard of ‘Quicksilver’, and you’ll most likely get the answer, “Oh, yes, that’s the big wave surfing tournament named in memory of surfer Eddie Aikau.” It has only been held nine times in the last 30 years because the waves have to hit 20-30 feet in height. Except the surfing competition sometimes called “Quiksilver” or “The Eddie,” is not what I’m referencing.

In this case, I’m thinking of “Quicksilver,” a baroque ensemble which will be giving a concert at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu tomorrow night, March 14 at 7:30 pm. Here’s what David Weininger of the Boston Globe said about this group:

You hear a musician use the words radical, experimental, avant-garde, and you think that the subject must be some young composer or newly minted piece that stretches, even threatens, our understanding of music’s boundaries. But it comes as something of a shock when the topic is, instead, music that’s a few centuries old. Yet violinist Robert Mealy uses those words to describe the repertoire of the ensemble he codirects, Quicksilver, formed in 2009 to explore early Baroque chamber music.

Dinner with the EMH Board and Quicksilver

Dinner with the EMH Board and Quicksilver (Click photo to enlarge)

“Led by violinists Robert Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, Quicksilver  brings together leading historically-informed performers in America today. Described as “drop dead gorgeous with a wonderful interplay of timbres,” (Early Music America) and praised for “impeccable, soulful playing” (New York Times), Quicksilver vibrantly explores the rich chamber music repertoire of the early modern period, from the inventive and extravagant trio sonatas of the Italian and German seventeenth century to the spectacular chamber music of the High Baroque.”

L-R: Sharon (the manager), Dominic, Jeannette Johnson (EMH Board Member), Avi Stein, Yvonne Hsieh (EMH Board member)åç

L-R: Sharon (the manager), Dominic Teresi, Jeannette Johnson (EMH Board Member), Avi Stein, and Yvonne Hsieh (EMH Board member)

The group came to Hawaii earlier in the week and played two concerts on the Big Island prior to their Honolulu appearance. They include Robert Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, violins; Dominic Teresi, dulcian; Avi Stein, harpsichord and Charles Weaver, theorbo and baroque guitar.

I was privileged (as an Early Music Hawaii board member) to join them tonight for dinner and I was surprised to learn that although the group has been “together” for about five or six years now, they don’t live in the same town! In fact, some live in New York, some live in Toronto, one lives in California, and Julie Andrijeski lives in Cleveland!

L-R: Yvonne Hsieh, Robert Mealy, Ian Capps, and Julie Andrijeski

L-R: Yvonne Hsieh, Robert Mealy, Ian Capps, and Julie Andrijeski

“How do you rehearse?” I asked. “By Skype?!” In fact, they get together only a few days before each tour to practice.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had long admired Robert Mealy whom I had seen at the Boston Early Music Festival (aka The Boston Marathon!) so I was glad to see him up close and personal! I also was glad to meet Avi Stein, who is presently the organist at Trinity Wall Street in New York City.

I loved this quote about Quicksilver from the New York Times: “the audience was on its feet cheering and hooting as if it were at a rock show!” 

Don’t miss their concert! Tickets are available at the door, or online at www.earlymusichawaii.com.


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