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Every so often, I have the feeling that Carl Crosier is trying to prod me into not forgetting him, not that THAT would ever happen. I already wrote about Derek Chester‘s sending me the article from the San Francisco-based examiner.com, in which the writer used my photo of Derek and Carl at the Boston Early Music Festival. That post was dated February 24: “Still speaking to me.”

Well, today it happened again. My long-time friend, Barbara Adler, who is now the national treasurer of the American Guild of Organists, wrote to tell me that the national officers had a WebEx presentation today to hear the results of the survey done in 2014. She could have sworn she saw Carl’s picture on one of the slides!

Barbara writes, “At one point the presenter posted a photo of a chapter meeting — and there was Carl sitting at a table with other people! I did a huge double take — it was indeed Carl! The marketing committee’s power point presentation is showing that to various committees!”

My first question to her was, “Was it a Hawaii chapter meeting? How did they get the picture?” and she explained that “There were two long tables. Carl was seated at the closer table, with about 3-4 men. Behind them was another long table with two groups of people. I looked quickly but didn’t recognize anyone else!”

I then searched my blog and asked her if this was the picture, and she said, “YES!”

2014 Hawaii Chapter AGO Annual Meeting, held at Honolulu Park Place.

2013 Hawaii Chapter AGO Annual Meeting, held at Honolulu Park Place.

There was Carl to the left, and to the right, Rob Lloyd. Who would have guessed that they would both die, just about a year apart? I used this picture to say a little about Rob and his close connection to the Hawaii Chapter American Guild of Organists. (Check out the post, “Aloha, Rob Lloyd“).

Today I also received an email from Carl’s high school reunion committee (West High School, Bremerton, WA Class of 1963). I wrote back to them with the news of his death, and sent them a link to a new page I just created on this blog: The death of Carl Crosier, which is a compilation of some of the posts I wrote at the time of his passing. You can find it at the top right column, under “Complete list of my posts.” It’s also found under the banner photo at the top, in a tab.

Hyunju Hwang and Tsugumi Shikano at Central Union Church, Honolulu

Hyunju Hwang and Tsugumi Shikano at Central Union Church, Honolulu

In other news, I’m happy to report that we had a record crowd for Hyunju Hwang‘s recital with jazz percussionist, Tsugumi Shikano — 270 people (!) and we ran out of programs!

Michael Molloy wrote: I very much enjoyed the organ and percussion concert at Central Union yesterday. It was wonderful to hear some new compositions, and even more so to hear them in that elegant space. I especially loved the final work, Durufle’s Prelude and Fugue on the Name of Alain. It was a profound tribute by one great composer to another.

Mark Russell wrote: I was totally blown away with her musicality and virtuosity!!  . . .  I just couldn’t believe how she got to the organ to be so expressive.  And her phrasing was so musical and rhythmic.  She must be a wonderful harpsichordist also.  Her Bach made me almost believe she was playing it on a tracker organ.  I would love to hear her play the Beckerath. 

Yes, what is even more amazing is that she didn’t learn how to play the organ until she was in college!

AGO Executive Board and guest artists

AGO Executive Board and guest artists

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