Carl Crosier Fête

Recognize the serving dishes?

Recognize the serving dishes and the stuffed lychees?

Last fall, I mentioned that there would be a gathering of Carl Crosier’s relatives and friends in the Northwest sometime in the spring. And that day turned out to be Saturday, May 9th at Chez Hallock, as Peter Hallock’s former home is still called.

When Peter was in hospice care, Mel Butler (his successor at St. Mark’s) made it known to Peter that he and his wife, Mary Coon, would be interested in buying his home. I think Peter was pleased that his unique home would be going to people who would keep it as a place for wonderful meals and warm hospitality. As executor of Peter’s estate, Carl Crosier had the responsibility of selling the home and even while in the hospital, was carrying out his duties. I had to even bring in a notary to the hospital to have her witness his signing all the paperwork!

In the end, I have been absolutely amazed at the stunning remodeling efforts of Mel and Mary to bring out the very best in the home to make it more practical and usable. It was absolutely great to see Marie Granberg (Carl’s cousin), Hans Aschenbach (Carl’s former college roommate), and Marisa Castello, who grew up at LCH and sang under Carl (I in fact played for her parents’ wedding along with many other couples over my 35-year tenure). And it was good to see many familiar faces from the Seattle Compline Choir who shared their stories of Carl. And the menu included many of Carl’s favorite pupus in addition to being served on the same dishes that Carl had purchased for Peter.

Here is a quick slideshow of the party.

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Thanks to Jason Anderson, Mel Butler and Mary Coon, for organizing such a fun event.

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