Watch the conductor!

The "rear-view mirror" at St. Andrew's.

The “rear-view mirror” at St. Andrew’s.

On Friday night, the Iolani Chorus held their spring concert at St. Andrew’s Cathedral and I was at the organ console, tucked behind all those choir risers and acres of school kids. I played Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Rutter’s Requiem, and John Ireland’s Greater love hath no man  In such a position, people ask, how do you see the conductor? Traditionally, the use of mirrors has been helpful, and there is a huge one on the left side of the organ console.

My view of John Alexander, the director, is crystal clear!

My view of John Alexander, the director, is crystal clear!

But I am also grateful that the school sets up a closed circuit television screen on the other side of the console. So my view of John Alexander is pretty clear.

I have to say that I was blown over by the absolutely gorgeous tone of the Iolani Chorus in the Rutter Requiem, (and those soaring sopranos!) and it has been a pesky ear worm all weekend. I wish I had done a little better job playing the piano primo part of The Rhythm of Life (from Sweet Charity) but I am sure that people were shocked to see my name in the program as playing the piano!

Thanks to a few LCH folks who were in the audience on Friday night and for coming to hear me play.

But as for watching the conductor, I would like to share the poster which has floated around Facebook lately:

In other words, watch the conductor!

In other words, watch the conductor!

I am now here in Seattle, enjoying a few minutes of downtime in a jam-packed weekend of activities for honoring the legacy of Peter Hallock and Carl Crosier. After my Friday night concert, I did not get a chance to go back to my condo, but walked directly back to my apartment garage where my neighbor was waiting to take me to the airport. And so I in my concert clothes, including my organ shoes (!) traveled first to LAX where I met up with my son Stephen and daughter-in-law Jessica. In my next posts, I’ll tell you about my Seattle journey.

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  1. John * says:

    What a fabulous concert! Mahalo nui for being such a huge part of our success!! I will always be a fan of your playing of John Ireland’s “Greater Love Hath No Man” — can’t wait to hear the recording! Have a wonderful time in Seattle!!

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