Just can’t win!

On my last Lower School Chapel I got lei-d!

I got leis at my last Lower School Chapel.

I was thinking I could throw my alarm clock away.

That was because Thursday was my last early morning Iolani Chapel, so I in fact turned my alarm off. But wouldn’t you know it, the last two mornings I’ve gotten up at 4:45 am — so I guess my body clock just doesn’t listen!

Pictured with John Alexander on our last chapel together with the Lower School Choir.

Pictured with John Alexander on our last chapel together with the Lower School Choir. We were a team for 20 years.

Today, it was a good idea to get up in the dark, though, because when I went to check my email at 4:46 (!) there was a message from Joey Fala. You see, last week, Clay Logue, the organist from St. John’s Episcopal in Kula, Maui, asked me if I would be willing to type Joey’s Maui program, where he is playing tonight. Apparently there was no one on Maui to do so ??? However, it was easy enough to just cut-and-paste from last weekend’s 40th anniversary program from the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, so I was happy to do it.

Oberlinger organ, St. John's, Kula

Oberlinger organ, St. John’s, Kula

When I received the email from Joey at 11:58 pm (!) last night, though, he had decided to make some changes in the program. In case you’re interested, you can click here to view Joey’s Maui concert. I’m not at all surprised — sometimes you can plan a program and theoretically you think it might work on an organ — but then when you arrive at the venue, the registration (choice of organ stops) just doesn’t work on the instrument. In this case, Joey changed five of the eight pieces! Wow!

I also received these great pictures from the 40th Anniversary from Jean Lilley. I’m thankful she had her camera with her, since I did not have an iota of a chance to take any pictures myself, and besides, she has a lot nicer camera!

We also had the concert portion of last week’s program professionally videotaped with three cameras, but the finished product won’t be ready until July when I get back from my trip. (Can you tell that I’ve discovered how to make WordPress slideshows!)

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