Twenty-four hours!

From Imua Iolani, the school newspaper.

From Imua Iolani, the school newspaper.

As I am now sitting in the Newark airport for about six hours till my flight to Boston boards, I am calculating that it will be twenty-four hours (!) from my departure from Honolulu until I arrive at Edith Ho’s home just outside of Boston! My flight to San Francisco was uneventful except for meeting a delightful seat companion whose husband had also died from pancreatic cancer.

The flight from San Francisco to Newark was delayed a couple of hours due to maintenance issues and it was while we were sitting out in the Tarmac that I was notified that my connecting flight to Boston was cancelled, also due to maintenance issues. All flights until the late afternoon were sold out hence my unexpected six hour layover in Newark. Ah, the joys of air travel!

My last Iolani performance — the 6th grade promotion ceremony now called “Moving Up” went like clockwork, and my plan was to have a St. Elizabeth’s parishioner take me to the airport after I filled out the bulk mail statement for the monthly newsletter. Alas when we got to the office I found the copier was down, necessitating a service request!

In the meantime, why don’t you click this link for a sneak preview of the Boston Early Music Festival?

this year is a veritable Monteverdi feast, with performances of three Monteverdi operas: Orfeo, Ulisse, and Poppea in addition to the beloved Monteverdi Vespers which we performed in Honolulu in 2010.


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