Sackbuts on Sunrise!

Hey! tomorrow morning you will see sackbuts on TV!

Yes, our visiting musicians from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music for this Saturday’s Musica Poetica concert will be on the Sunrise morning television show tomorrow! You’ll have to get up early to see them, though, because the sackbuts and cornetto will be playing live at 7:50 and 8:20 am, KGMB. I’m anxious to hear what Howard Dicus, who is on the Sunrise television team, will ask of visiting conductor Dana Marsh. As many of you know, Howard is a classical music buff, so he will be sure to ask intelligent questions! (If you forget to turn it on, or don’t get up that early, the spots will be archived on the television’s website which I will post after the show.)

It’s Hump Day in EMH Week (Early Music Hawaii) and nearly all of our waking moments are consumed with getting ready for this Saturday’s Musica Poetica concert at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu.


Dana Marsh at HNL airport.

It turns out that I will be involved in a rehearsal every single night of this week! On Monday I picked up Dana from the airport, and we figured it was 2002 since he came to Hawaii. After he got settled in the guest room, he and I walked two blocks over to the choir room at St. Andrew’s Priory where we had the first three-hour rehearsal with the choir. To say it was intense was an understatement!

Tuesday night I didn’t have to even go that far to accompany a rehearsal with Georgine Stark and Mihoko Ito — because we rehearsed their duet in my condo with the baby organ! Wow, they sounded great in my music room with the marble floors!

Georgine Stark and Mihoko Ito rehearse in my condo.

My view from the organ of Georgine and Mihoko at our rehearsal.

Tonight we’re back at the Priory for a rehearsal with the whole choir plus three of the sackbut players. Tomorrow night, I have a solo rehearsal with countertenor Padraic Costello, back at my condo. Friday night is the dress rehearsal with the choir and all the instrumentalists at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. Then Saturday night is the concert!

It’s not too late to get your tickets — they will be available at the door and online at


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