Beware of lunch invitations!

I thought by now I would be settling in to a nice retired life, watching soap operas and eating chocolate bon-bons, and scheduling only events like a few organ lessons, meals and naps, and then you know what happened — I received an email message from Miguel Felipe saying, “I’ve had you on my mind recently. . . ” and asked if I would consider playing the organ accompaniment to Bernstein Chichester Psalms on November 20th with the University of Hawaii Choirs , with the dress rehearsal on November 17th. That’s only two days after I return from Rome, Italy! I guess I must have a momentary lapse, or perhaps a hole in my head, but I said “yes,” with some trepidation, knowing it would take a heap of practice time and I would most probably be jet-lagged to the max.

And of course I said “sure” when Susie McCreary Duprey asked me if I would be willing to play Handel Messiah in Kona on November 29th. This will be my third year for that gig with the Kona Choral Society — great bunch of people and so very nice to me!

Carl and Kathy Crosier with John Renke. Photo taken in April 2011.

Carl and Kathy Crosier with John Renke. Photo taken in April 2011 after a Joint Evensong.

Earlier I had already committed to subbing for John Renke at St. Andrew’s Cathedral for the two Sunday services each on August 9, October 4, October 25, and December 13, and Wednesday evensongs on August 2, 9, and 19; September 2, 9, 23; and October 14, plus funerals on August 1 and 8. Yikes, I’m practically part of the fixtures over there! At least it’s conveniently located only two blocks from my condo.

And then John took me to lunch at the Pacific Club, not once but three times in the space of ten days! And look what happened — as you can see by these posts.

Look at my first Facebook post under the Cathedral of St. Andrew!

Look at my first Facebook post under the Cathedral of St. Andrew!

My second Facebook post for St. Andrew's Cathedral.

My second Facebook post for St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Whoa. . . What happened? Another momentary lapse or another hole in my head? (Yes, I REALLY do have a hole in my head because of a 2008 craniotomy to remove a benign meningioma tumor.)

I guess John figured that because I raised money for the Lutheran Church of Honolulu’s Organ Restoration Fund and for the purchase of the Beckerath continuo organ, plus producing hundreds of promotional pieces such as postcards, brochures and flyers for LCH, Early Music Hawaii, and the American Guild of Organists; PLUS being active on Facebook, that I would be the ideal person to join their team. The details have yet to be worked out, but it looks like I will be helping them with their publicity and graphics.

And just yesterday, as I was on my way to the Cathedral to practice for this Sunday’s service, I happened to run into Dean Walter Brownridge on his way to lunch downtown who stopped me by the fountain, and said:

“Kathy, I want to take you to lunch!”


(And just today, I was invited to serve on the board of my condo association! It’s no small task — our building has 437 apartments.)

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