Cookie monster

My kitchen magnet

My kitchen magnet

I am not at all known for my culinary skills — in fact, when I announced to my husband, Carl Crosier, in January 1992, that I was never cooking again, both he and my son cheered! I mean, I just can’t be bothered with checking to find out if I have the right ingredients or going to three different stores to look for a particular something or other. If I can’t find a certain ingredient in my cupboards, I just leave it out! I remember once when I made chili, but neglected to look to see whether we had any chili powder in the house — well, we didn’t — so I just left it out. And my family used to hysterically laugh and talk about my all-white meal which I served only once: halibut, white rice and cauliflower! (Yes, I really and truly served this! You can verify this with Stephen Crosier.)

Ad from the Bach, Mass in B Minor

Ad from the Bach, Mass in B Minor program

In fact, perhaps you remember the ad from the Bach Mass in B Minor program — as shown to the right. My dear husband was the one who thought up the text to this ad, and insisted that I use the picture of the magnet my mother once got me. She knew that Carl did all the cooking in our household, and I just washed the many dishes he left behind.

Well, today I spent nearly the entire day baking a double batch of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies, and when they turned out so delicious and creamy, not too sweet, and just right, I thought, well why not try this with cranberries, which I happened to have on hand. So I made a batch of White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies as well!

These are the cranberry white chocolate cheesecake cookies.

These are the white chocolate cranberry cheesecake cookies.

All of these will be served (in addition to other homemade goodies, cheese and fruit) during intermission at the upcoming Duruflé Requiem concert in memory of Carl Crosier, this Sunday, November 1st, at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu at 7:00 pm. A lot of people have called the church office and are concerned about parking in our dense Makiki neighborhood. With over 60 participants, we have planned that the choir and orchestra members will park off-campus, leaving the parking lot directly behind the church exclusively for elderly and handicapped concertgoers, and the bulk of the audience can park in the Poki Street lot, 1/2 block mauka of the church.

P.S. You can find the recipe at (Love the name of the website: DivasCanCook!) The author writes: I love this texture so much! So fluffy yet dense and creamy! I make no apologies for these white chocolate raspberry cheesecake cookies.  Yes, they will ruin your waistline. Yes, you will keep sneaking into the kitchen for “just one more”. Yes, they are downright divine. Yes, they are so worth it. Tiny, little bites of pure cheesecake/cookie perfection. If you are a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake fan then you may  have just met your new favorite cookie. Don’t let the size fool you, they are bursting at the seams with all the flavors of a real white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Recipe from Divas Can Cook, “Old School Cooking For the Modern Woman”

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