The EMH Chamber Singers debut

EMH Chamber Singers: (L-R) Jeremy Wong, Keane Ishii, Karol Nowicki, Randy Reynolds, Diane Koshi, Karyn Castro, Naomi Castro, and Georgine Stark.

EMH Chamber Singers: (L-R) Jeremy Wong, Keane Ishii, Karol Nowicki, Randy Reynolds, Diane Koshi, Karyn Castro, Naomi Castro, and Georgine Stark.

Tonight was the dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s Early Music Hawaii concert called “Bridging the Centuries 2” which will be the debut of the Early Music Hawaii Chamber Singers. I must say that EMH has picked the cream of the crop of choral singers in Honolulu — every singer is a soloist in his or her own right, and put together, the ensemble’s tone is light, ethereal and absolutely transparent. There couldn’t be a more perfect match of singers! And, as you will hear in tomorrow night’s concert, each singer performs a solo.

Each of the singers also sings in multiple choirs in town — in fact, I think that nearly every Oahu choral ensemble is represented in these eight singers!

The sopranos and altos.

The sopranos and altos.

Georgine Stark, soprano. She currently sings with the Hawaii Opera Theatre and the Windward Choral Society.

Naomi Castro, soprano. She is the choral director of St. Andrew’s Schools, and is a Choral Scholar at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, in addition to participating in Hawaii Opera Theatre. She also sings with Karol’s Karolers, Oahu Choral Society, UH Chamber Singers, and the University of Hawaii’s Voices of Aloha. She teaches the elementary section of Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus. This summer she and I will be traveling to Ireland with the Hawaii Vocal Arts Ensemble.

Karyn Castro, alto. She also sings with Hawaii Opera Theatre, Windward Choral Society, Hawaii Pacific University, Karol’s Karolers and the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. You may remember that Karyn took my place as the Parish Administrator of St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church when I retired last September.

Diane Koshi reads music on her iPad.

Diane Koshi reads music on her iPad.

Diane Koshi, alto. She conducts the morning choir at Harris United Methodist Church and Evensong at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church. Her organist at Harris United Methodist is Cindy Matsuura Olaguera, my former organ student from 1993! Diane used to conduct choirs at St. Andrew’s Priory and Carl Crosier was her accompanist for one year!

Karol Nowicki, tenor. He directs the choral program at the University of Hawaii West Oahu and Kapiolani Community College in addition to singing in Hawaii Opera Theatre and directing Karol’s Karolers. Karol also directs the choir at the Community Church of Honolulu.

Randy Reynolds, tenor. He is a student of Jeremy Wong and sings in the Oahu Choral Society.

Keane Ishii, bass. Keane teaches choral music at Mililani High School and is the Choir Director of Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. He sings with Hawaii Opera Theatre, Karol’s Karolers and directs the Evening Prayer choir at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu.

The tenors and basses.

The tenors and basses.

Jeremy Wong, bass. Jeremy is the Music Director of the Honolulu Chorale and teaches the middle school age children of Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus. He also is the Director of Choirs at Hawaii Pacific University and teaches voice at the University of Hawaii. Jeremy also sings in the Oahu Choral Society, Voices of Aloha of the University of Hawaii and the Oregon Bach Festival. This summer he will hope to once again travel to Weimar, Germany to sing in the Weimar Bach Academy under Helmuth Rilling. Jeremy will be conducting tomorrow night’s concert, as well as the repeat performance in Kona next Saturday.

The program tomorrow night, Saturday, April 2nd at 7:30 pm at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, contains music from a wide range of repertoire, from Tudor to contemporary, and based on Shakespearean songs. Ian Capps, president of Early Music Hawaii and host of Hawaii Public Radio’s The Early Muse,  will provide commentary. Yours truly will be accompanying on piano and harpsichord.

Tickets will be available at the door or online at This is going to be a fantastic concert, not to be missed!

We did a group selfie! (missing Randy)

We did a group selfie! (missing Randy, though)


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2 Responses to The EMH Chamber Singers debut

  1. Jimbeau Walsh says:

    Wonderful to read about this chamber choir. What a stellar lineup you have!
    I am a composer and recently wrote a piece of praise music for my spiritual group ( Divine Love Sanctuary) to sing at meditation and prayer services. They loved the song and we recorded a very nice little demo of Holly Bianco singing lead at Spectrum Recording in Honolulu. Problem is , even with our friend Yvonne Elliman coaching the background singers (which we were hoping would sound like a large chorus/choir) we didn’t have the voices or vocal power to give the song its due. Is there any chance that the Kapiolani Choir or EMH Chorus would be interested in working on and recording some response/backup vocals on this song if you like the song? I have very little funds to offer but perhaps could contribute something to either the group or college in gratitude. If anyone in this group is interested please contact me. Mahalo Nui Loa,
    Jimbeau Walsh

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