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A group selfie in the Board Room before last night's concert

A group selfie in the Board Room before last night’s concert

We were just about ready to go on stage last night when Jeremy Wong took this picture of the Early Music Hawaii Chamber Singers. We were talking about next weekend when we will all travel to Kona on the Big Island to repeat our concert, Bridging the Centuries 2, and were comparing our arrival times. However, Ian Capps, the president of Early Music Hawaii who provided short commentary between some of the pieces, won’t be able to join us, so Georgine Stark volunteered. Someone then suggested, “Should you do it in an English accent?” and she immediately sent us into gales of laughter with her imitation of Ian (who was born in England, in case some of you don’t know).

Diane Koshi then answered back by speaking in a Southern drawl, and then Georgine let loose with a bunch of impressions, the most hilarious of which was her imitation of Edith Bunker from All in the Family — all while talking about Shakespearean song!

The Early Music Hawaii Chamber Singers made its debut last night, and as you can tell by the group selfie above, we had so much fun together, not only in just making the music.  You can click here to view a PDF of the program.

The Early Music Hawaii Chamber Singers

The Early Music Hawaii Chamber Singers

I did experience a little bit of angst during the Liszt when I pressed the piano keys a little too lightly to sound in a couple of passages —thank goodness, there were no train wrecks and Georgine sang beautifully, as did the whole group which not only sang pieces with the whole ensemble, but also solos, trios, and quartets.

In fact, you would have thought you had just gone to a rock concert, with all the whooping and hollering from the large audience! The singers were absolutely mobbed afterwards.

Group leis

Yay for Early Music and for Early Music Hawaii!


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