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Padraic Costello

Padraic Costello

I just now read Padraic Costello‘s post about the St. Thomas Choir in New York, where he is singing now. He writes: Saint Thomas Choir was featured in the New Yorker! We’ve been preparing for a concert (tonight!) with the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, and with Simon Rattle conducting, in memory of the previous director, John Scott. If you pause the video halfway through 2:57, you can see me all the way to the right for a quarter second of fame before the camera recoils in fright and pans away.

Musica Poetica 2015

Dana conducted the Musica Poetica singers, 2015

Remember that Padraic lived in Hawaii for several years and sang countertenor in a number of concerts I was also involved in—such as the B Minor Mass (which Carl Crosier conducted in 2011), and Early Music Hawaii concerts, like last year’s Musica Poetica concert. But guess what?!

Our guest director for this year’s Early Music Hawaii, Dana Marsh, is attending the very same concert at St. Thomas where Padraic is singing! And then tomorrow, Dana flies from New York to Hawaii to conduct the Early Music Hawaii concert (“Spain and the New World” which will take place next Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 pm at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. Small world, right?!

St. Patricks Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York

Speaking of New York, guess where former student Joey Fala was today? Yes, he played a recital at St. Patrick’s Cathedral this afternoon. He posted a picture of the interior, with the caption “Surreal to be practicing in here alone.” His program was;

Joey Fala

Joey Fala

Jeanne Demessieux (1921-1968)
Te Deum, Op. 11

Herbert Howells (1892-1983)
Rhapsody No. 1 in D-flat major, Op. 17

César Franck (1822-1890)
from Trois Chorals
1. Choral in E major (I played this piece for MY master’s recital in 1973!)

So many people ask me how Joey is doing—he is continuing his graduate studies in organ at Yale University and has just gotten a new job as Organ Scholar at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Norwalk, CT. Here’s what he wrote: Ever since I’ve found myself surrounded by great choral talent at Yale, I’ve been itching to get my feet wet in (the) world of choral music. This summer I was appointed organ scholar at St. Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk CT, under director of music, Jake Street, who leads their solid Anglican choral program. My responsibilities include choral accompanying, service playing, some conducting and working with the choristers—St. Paul’s has a thriving chorister program, 30 young voices strong, ages 7 through 17. While I technically began a few weeks ago taking the choristers to choir camp, today (Sept. 11) was my first official Sunday on the bench.

Today was the fall return of the choir and there was barely enough room in the chancel to hold the choristers, schola, and adult choir combined. No words to describe the feeling of accompanying a group with that kind of song power. Super excited to be a part of this amazing program and for what learning experiences lie ahead.

At the time of the choir camp, Joey texted “We have 28 kids from age 6-16 at a camp site on a lake. It’s crazy and fun.” He said that another choir, from St. John’s, was there at the campsite, and the director kept saying that he recognized Joey’s name. He finally realized it was because he had read all about Joey on this blog!

Here’s Joey’s concert schedule this year:

9/18 St. Patrick’s Cathedral
New York, NY

10/1 Albert Schweitzer Organ Competition: Trinity College Chapel
Hartford, CT

11/5 AGO Binghamton Chapter: United Presbyterian Church
Binghamton, NY

11/9 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Norwalk, CT

11/16 MM Recital: Christ Church
New Haven, CT

2/5 MM Recital: Woolsey Hall, Yale University
New Haven, CT

2/26 Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC

3/19 AGO Hawaii Chapter: Central Union Church
Honolulu, HI

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