A little diversion

When I help students prepare for a concert or even for playing a church service, we somehow always have another piece “on the side” —perhaps a new piece, just for a change of pace. For myself, having a piece outside of the concert repertoire gives me a little break.

Well, in addition to the Bach Clavierübung III repertoire for my upcoming concert, I’m trying to learn a piano piece! You see, next weekend I’ll be in California for a reunion of relatives on my mother’s side of the family. It was after my sister viewed the following video that she got the brilliant idea that we could attempt a similar performance as one of the reunion activities. The piece is the Galop-Marche by Albert Lavignac (1846-1916) for eight hands (four players) on one piano. Here is a performance by some piano students at the University of Southern California of this piece.

So my two sisters Margo and Doris, my cousin Mary and I will have our one and only practice session next week Saturday. I was assigned the top part, which technically may be a little easier, but I complained, “I am not a pianist and I don’t read leger lines!” (These are the additional lines drawn to represent notes above the staff).

Our sole purpose in doing this, though, will be to have fun!

The other thing that will cause a diversion is that I am scheduled to be on Hawaii Public Radio (KHPR 88.1 FM) on Monday, October 17th from 9:00-10:00 am, encouraging people to make pledges to keep the station on the air for the next six months. I have already asked host Gene Schiller in advance about saying a few words about my concert and will be bringing a recording of some of the pieces on the program. (Shhh . . . I played the examples myself on the Beckerath organ!)

Help support public radio in our community! Better yet, call in while I’m on the air!

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In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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