“Old” Compline is back!

A picture of the "new" Compline Choir from last month

A picture of the “new” Compline Choir from last month

Last night, I went to the Compline service at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, and after talking with director Scott Fikse afterwards, it seems that the “old” Compline is back! Well, at least it’s back on a once-a-month basis. There were so many familiar elements: the procession, the prayers, the chants, the final preces by Peter Hallock, the quiet darkness—that my memories of Complines from so many years ago came rushing back.

Last month (“Familiar yet different”) I wrote that while there were very many familiar elements, there were also many new ones, mainly that parts formerly taken by the choir were now said or sung by the congregation. Last night it was back to the old way and the congregation was not handed a bulletin to follow the service. We stood at the Creed and that was it so far as our participation. However, it was amazing that after all these years, I knew what came next.

Of course, we were missing Carl Crosier’s strong counter-tenor voice on top, but gosh! that bass section was so amazing! So resonant and solid!

I was not alone in my thanks to Scott Fikse for bringing Compline back—I know that many others expressed gratitude for the return (if only once a month) of this beautiful service.

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  1. Hi Katherine, I’ve restored a listing for the Compline Service at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu to my page “Where to experience Compline,” in the Compline Underground blog: https://complineunderground.wordpress.com/where-to-experience-compline/

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