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Here’s a live Facebook video of Stanford’s Magnificat.

Sophia Stark

Sophia Stark

I wasn’t even looking over in the direction of the choir, but as soon as she opened her mouth, I knew that voice. It was Sophia Stark, super-talented daughter of Georgine and Darel Stark, themselves super-talented parents! The piece was Charles Villiers Stanford’s Magnificat, and it was performed at Advent Procession after the Gospel of the Annunciation last Sunday night at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first time Sophia has sung a solo with the adult choir.

But it’s not only her singing talent that Sophia is cultivating—she’s also taking lessons in piano, violin, ballet and even organ! Yes, Sophia has been taking lessons with me for just about a year and is making remarkable progress. She and brother Raphael, also taking organ lessons and himself a rising star, fight over organ practice. Mother Georgine says, “I can’t get them off the bench!” “It’s so powerful and has so many sounds!” Sophia says.

Sophia is also interested in cooking and art, and is completely self-taught. She has won various local and national art contests and won last year’s Hawaii Food and Wine Festival’s Keiki in the Kitchen Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. Here’s a video of Chef Sophia:

Sophia has done print work for Disney Aulani and is shown playing the violin in this Jamba Juice commercial with surfer Bethany Hamilton.

And if you can believe this, Sophia will be a soloist for five Christmas Eve services at the First Presbyterian Church in Kaneohe.

The whole Stark family will be performing holiday concerts for various senior residences in Oahu. Georgine writes that it’s been a family tradition for a number of years now.

Watch for more exciting news about Sophia in 2018!


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