1430221Flabbergasted! Okay, even though I know what it means, it’s not a word that I use in ordinary conversation. The term originated in 1772, and was mentioned (with bored) in a magazine article as a new vogue word, likely an arbitrary formation from flabby or flapper and aghast.

Dictionary.com defines the word flabbergasted as an adjective, “to overcome with surprise and bewilderment; astound.” Synonyms for the verb “flabbergasted” include amaze, astonish, stagger, nonplus, confound; perplex, confuse, mystify.

Here are some sentences which use the word: The burglar was flabbergasted when he broke into the house and found himself surrounded by police officers. When the man received a ten thousand dollar cellphone bill, he was flabbergasted. Gina was flabbergasted when the doctor told her she was expecting quadruplets.

mini-cat-in-hatI somehow recall reading the word in a Dr. Seuss book (It was decades ago that I read Dr. Seuss books to my son!) but now of course, I have been looking and looking and can’t find it. If any of you can give me the name of the book, I would be most appreciative!

And why am I flabbergasted? It’s because I asked Bill Potter, the financial secretary of the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, how much money came in as donations for my recent Clavierübung concert on October 30. You may recall that I advertised the concert as a “free concert,” with “donations welcomed.” I figured that people might be more inclined to give to the Carl Crosier Memorial Fund, the beneficiary of the concert, if there was not a set dollar amount. Yes, rather than selling tickets, I thought we might even come out ahead if we let people give of their own free will. You might recall that in the advance publicity we “suggested” a donation of $25, but in the actual program, no dollar amount was specified. The fund is in essence a Music Endowment, to fund special musical outreach projects, in memory of the church’s long-time director of music.

So how much came in? More than $4600— with possibly more yet to be counted!

I’m flabbergasted! Thank you all!

About Katherine Crosier

In addition to playing the organ I am interested in documenting life's special moments through journaling, scrapbooking, photography and slideshow production. My family just groans.
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  1. john f bicknell says:

    Dear Katherine, What is the church’s address? I would like to send a donation in
    memory of Carl. thanks, jb

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