When was the last time …

Last night's program

Last night’s program

When was the last time that you were at St. Andrew’s Cathedral and they had to set up extra chairs? Last night I attended the Priory Christmas concert and so many people came that I even saw Dr. Ruth Fletcher, the head of school, carrying chairs! I arrived with Olivia Castro, Naomi Castro’s mom, and we had a hard time finding a seat.

Congratulations to choral director Naomi Castro and orchestra teacher Chad Uyehara for a fantastic combined concert! The screams of exhilaration filled the Cathedral at the end of the concert—everyone was so excited and happy to see and hear the Priory School at its best. Never have I been to a Priory function with such delirious happiness and enthusiasm. Carl Crosier, who was the controller and chief financial officer of the school for 29 years, would have been so happy to see this—for two years he was also the Priory’s accompanist under Naomi!

Olivia gives her daughter, Naomi, a hug at the end of the concert.

Olivia gives her daughter, Naomi, a hug at the end of the concert.

Did you know that way back in the dark ages, I also was the Priory’s choral accompanist? In fact, last night the choirs sang one of the pieces I accompanied under the direction of Wanda Gereben over 30 years ago—”Christmas is a feeling,” by Natalie Sleeth! Talk about déjà vu!

Olivia Castro turned to me and said, “Every day I thank God that Carl got Naomi this job!”

With the first selection, “O come, all ye faithful” in an arrangement by Dan Forrest, the rhythmic and percussive opening by the strings immediately made you sit up and take notice, with the choir joining in on the melody, and then in parts. Wow, I thought, these girls have really come a long way!

Kudos to both Naomi and Chad for a job well-done!

Scott Fikse's photo at St. Andrew's last night

Scott Fikse’s photo at St. Andrew’s last night

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  1. Alvin Abanes says:

    That concert was truly beautiful! Your article captures the pride I, too, experienced that wonderful evening.

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