It’s a school night!

You probably remember that phrase from your childhood days, likely from your mother who didn’t want you going out on either Sunday through Thursday nights, because there was school the next day. Perhaps you also said it yourself to your children. Here’s how the Cambridge dictionary defines it.

There is even a book about a School Night.

There is even a book about  School Nights.

In this case, though, my friend John Renke used it in connection with a party that I’m hosting this Saturday for the Hawaii Chapter American Guild of Organists, the AGO. You see, the next day is Sunday, and for many church organists, it means going to bed sufficiently early in order to wake up to play for church the next day.

In the last three years, John, who was our former Chapter Dean (that’s like the President), generously hosted a reception at the Pacific Club for a post-Christmas get-together. John is no longer Dean, but there was a consensus on the board that it would still be good to get together to trade war stories with other organists about their Christmases. (Since I am retired from church music, however, I had it easy. Can you believe that I played my last Christmas service four years ago already!) The easy solution was that I invited the Guild to my condo for the event. With our in-house restaurant and catering, getting the food ready will be no bother at all.

We initially had booked the outdoor party facility on the 8th floor, but because it has been chilly in Hawaii lately (in the 60s at night!), I decided to move the party to my apartment. In fact, it will be a lot less hassle that way, since I won’t have to schlep dishes up and down the elevator. You did know that Carl Crosier had me well trained, and always used real dishes for parties—never did we entertain with paper plates or plastic forks and spoons!

Jason came to Hawaii for Carl's funeral and served as one of the pallbearers.

Jason came to Hawaii for Carl’s funeral and served as one of the pallbearers.

I will also be hosting Jason Anderson this weekend, as my houseguest. As you may remember, Jason is now the second director of the Compline Choir of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, succeeding Peter Hallock, who was our long-time friend and business partner. Jason is on sabbatical this year and recently spent time in England, hearing dozens of Evensongs at Salisbury, Canterbury, and Westminster Abbey. Last August he came to Honolulu to help me clean out my storage room! (Sorry, Jason, it’s a mess again!)

Then, last Tuesday at the Priory chapel service on January 3rd, the band director Gordon Tokishi, took me by surprise by shooting a short video (shown below) of my postlude, “In dir ist Freude,” by Bach, normally played on New Year’s Day. It’s what I would dare call an impromptu performance, because I had not practiced it. But having taught it to so many students for so many years, it’s the same thing as practicing, isn’t it! 


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