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Diapason magazine, February 2017

The Diapason magazine, February 2017

This morning I’m watching the news about the big snowstorm in the Northeast—I guess I left just in the nick of time! It was the first time I took a nonstop flight directly to Honolulu from Newark—11-1/2 hours, in which I watched five movies! In case you’re wondering, no, I never sleep on flights, even when they span halfway across the world.

Anyway, last night before I went out to a rehearsal for the upcoming Early Music Hawaii concert, I sat down to read the latest Diapason magazine, an international journal for organists and harpsichordists. I started reading a story about the latest Albert Schweitzer organ competition (Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival Hartford–ASOFH), and came across a familiar name: Joey Fala!

In the article by Phillip Truckenbrod, Joey was quoted extensively:

“What was so wonderful about ASOFH was that it truly was a ‘festival’ rather than ‘get in, play, get out,’ like some other competitions I’ve participated in,”  said Joseph (Joey) Fala, a Young Professional finalist in 2016, a member of The Diapason’s 20 under 30 class of 2016, and now a graduate student at Yale University by way of Honolulu.

“While centered around the contest, the weekend was about more,” he continued, “like celebrating music, the pipe organ, and the legacy of a great humanitarian. I so very much appreciated this emphasis and the effect it had on filling the weekend with an atmosphere of inspiration rather than creating an environment of competition. That was one of my biggest takeaways.”

Later in the article, there was another quote: “It was a full-blown extravaganza,” he said. “I really felt a part of something that was a ‘big deal.’ “

Joey received the Hymn Playing award!

Judges included several superstar organists who have played in Honolulu, namely Isabelle Demers and Christopher Houlihan. And the first winner of this competition was none other than Paul Jacobs, head of the Juilliard School organ department, who played two concerts in Hawaii to standing-room audiences.

Joey was quoted again at the end of the article: “I can’t say enough good about the weekend,” said Joey Fala. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see event attendance grow in the coming years because of the various changes made.”

Photo of judges and competitors, The Diapason magazine

Photo of judges and competitors, The Diapason magazine, February 2017

It really seems that with every issue of either The Diapason or The American Organist, both national magazines, I keep running across Joey Fala’s name!

Oh, and by the way, a few weeks ago, Joey texted ME to say that I was in the January issue of The American Organist!

“Wow! You got a big article in the TAO!”

“I did? For what?”

“The historic organ tour.”

In case you would like to read the entire article about last summer’s trip to Lorraine, France, you can view it here. A number of people wrote me to tell me how much they enjoyed the article and hoped that I would review the next Historic Organ Study Tour to Venice and northern Italy in August. Bill Van Pelt wrote me to say that there was one space left, and you guessed it… I’m going to Italy!


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