The rock star of the organ world!

Joey and Lisa Preston

Joey and Lisa Preston

That’s what Iolani School teacher Lisa Preston posted about Joey Fala’s concert last night. “It was positively glorious! What a treat to hear this; if you’re not a fan of organ music, he’d convert you for sure. I was his class adviser for six years, and now he’s all grown up and the rock star of the organ world!”

The reviews are starting to come in for my former student, Joey Fala, and as I told him, he made people so happy!

Here is a collection of comments from Facebook:

Joey and Miki Yamamoto

Joey and Miki Yamamoto

Awesome organ music. It really was a fantastic concert, with such varied music. And I was also impressed with Joey’s personable public speaking skills. It’s an under appreciated aspect of being a performer and he did a great job of situating the repertoire and welcoming the audience. (Erin Richardson Severin) [By the way, kudos to Erin’s husband, Steven Severin, one of my organ students, who turned pages so expertly!]

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!! Excellently done, Joey!! (Jerry Groth)

Rucci Aamodt, a former student from over 20 years ago, wrote, “Bravo! Great concert. I guess the Escaich was my cup of tea.”

Ajaon Chen, “… it (was) beautiful.”

Joey, greeting his fans after the concert.

Joey greets his fans after the concert.

Miki Yamamoto, another former student, wrote: I first met Joey in high school when I started organ lessons and now, so many years later, (he’s) back to play at the annual Hawaii AGO organ concert. He’s honestly amazing and I know he’s killing the game at Yale. Such an amazing concert, congrats Joey!

From Diane Martinson, former Iolani School chaplain: I was intrigued by the Escaich piece and, of course, it was wonderful to hear Joey play a Marcel Dupre piece given your tutelage under him. Joey even threw in one of my favorite hymns and played such a beautiful interlude! I’m so happy he has followed his passion, and besides being a performance organist I’m sure there will be many churches over the course of his lifetime who will be very blessed by his musical gifts. As a teacher who could ask for anything more?! 🙂

Gloria Moore, long-time Hawaii AGO member, wrote: Joey’s playing last night was thrilling. He amazed us all with his flawless technical skills, beautiful registration and a thoroughly delightful and varied repertoire. Congratulations, Joey!

Allen Bauchle, our former assistant at the Lutheran Church of Honolulu, said that he’d wished that Carl Crosier could have been here. He would have been so proud!

Betsy McCreary, likewise, told me, she wished John McCreary could have seen this. Joey called him a “grandfatherly figure” in his musical upbringing, helping him pull the stops, attending every recital, and always offering support.

Joey and the John McCreary, seven years ago at Joey's senior recital

Joey and the late John McCreary, seven years ago at Joey’s senior recital

And Erik Floan, who was not at the concert, but has visited Hawaii a number of times, wrote: Not only is he a good organist, he could probably anchor a national news program.

That’s our Joey!


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  1. john bicknell says:

    I will follow his career with interest. It makes you feel better when you know there will be a future for the organ in this world! jb

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