Chopin till you drop

My previous post, In search of Fryderyk Chopin, about my 18,000 step walk yesterday neglected to mention other stops I made along the Chopin “trail” in the city of Warsaw.

Visitationist Church, Warsaw

The Visitationist Church, also called the Lyceum Church, was where Chopin played the organ as a teenager. He used to improvise such long interludes during the service that the priest had to tell him to stop so the service could continue! Chopin met his love, Kostancja, here as she sung in the choir at mass.

The Presidential Palace, Warsaw

The 8 year-old Chopin made his debut by playing a concert here on February 24, 1818 and mesmerized his audience. Today there was a political protest against abuses of the Polish constitution.

A peaceful political protest.

The police were on hand to keep the peace.

I also saw the Czapski (Krasinski) palace where 17 year-old Chopin had his own private room and could practice on a grand piano. It was here that he composed two piano concertos and was his last residence in Warsaw before moving to Paris.

I also took a picture of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and of St. Joseph, also known as the Carmelite Church. There was a service going on, so I decided to postpone going in until later. This was the site of Chopin’s first employment, and he was invited to give an organ recital on the church’s organ. Who knew that Chopin was so active as an organist?

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and of St. Joseph (Carmelite Church)—Chopin’s first church job.

Need I mention the weather here has been gorgeous, like a picture postcard? It has been about 70 deg. F with a light wind and clear blue skies. Perfect!

While walking along the street, I heard a street musician playing the accordion and thought it sounded like it was straight out of a movie score!

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