From 7,351 miles away

The concert I missed in Honolulu last night.

That’s how far away Honolulu is from Warsaw, where I’m sitting in my hotel room now. In terms of time, we are 12 hours ahead of my home in Honolulu, where my former student, Joey Fala, gave the rededicatory recital at Kawaiaha’o Church last night.

Already though, several video clips have been sent to me of excerpts from the concert.

I also received emails from people who attended the recital:

Mary Reese wrote: I just got home from Joey’s concert at Kawaiaha’o Church.  It was stunning….he is an artist.  It was a great program and he was a graceful and gracious star. What a night!   I just had to tell you…wherever you are.

One of my current students, Helga Emmerson texted me right after the concert was over: Very enjoyable concert. It was beautiful.

One of Joey’s former Iolani School teachers, Beth Barry, sent this message: I’m sorry you have to miss it. I’m taking a friend & we will applaud loud enough for all of us. Have a good trip. Aloha, Beth

Mark Russell said, Joey’s recital at K. church was wonderful!!

Roy Helms: Wonderful evening! It was such a joy to hear this wonderful organ come back to life.

Malia Kaai-Barrett: He was awesome!! The concert was great!

I don’t know the order of the program, or the order of these videos, but I was able to enjoy the concert from over 7,000 miles away!

Go Joey!

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