It’s that time again

Did you see this announcement in yesterday’s Star-Advertiser? (I highlighted it, just so you could find it easier!)

Organ Scholarship announcement

Organ Scholarship announcement, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, August 5, 2017

Yes, it’s that time again—applications for studying the organ will be coming due soon. If ever you had a hankering to play the organ, that magnificent King of Instruments, now’s your chance! I can’t imagine there is no one who cannot learn to play the organ (unless you’re a toddler still in diapers!)—everyone is eligible to apply and there’s no age restriction. [However, you do have to live in Hawaii!]

The scholarship is named after local organist Don Conover, who twenty-five years ago, decided that people should give money to educate organists, instead of taking money for a 50th birthday. The idea is that the American Guild of Organists will pay for HALF of your lessons for a period of three years, with a cap of $1,000 subsidy over the three years. How incredibly generous!

You can check out the impressive list of student recipients by clicking here. Many of those have gone on to become church organists, both locally and on the mainland. You’ll also find the name of Joey Fala, concert organist now based at Duke University!

Joey Fala, AGO Scholarship recipient, with the late John McCreary.

Joey Fala, AGO Scholarship recipient, with the late John McCreary.

In the meantime, the Hawaii Chapter AGO has just received its very own Orgelkids pipe organ kit! This is a REAL pipe organ which can be assembled AND played by children as a means of introducing them to the King of Instruments!

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Okay, you’re sold. If you would like to download a scholarship application, click here: Scholarship-Application

And if you would like to re-read my post about the organist shortage, you can click here: “Desperately. Seeking. Organists.” Even though I wrote the post two years ago, the situation is no different today. It’s nigh impossible to find an organist substitute!

(By the way, when I was in England, I told a local organist that I did a lot of “subbing.” He told me in England it’s call “depping” — as in being a “deputy” organist. Isn’t this quaint!)


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