Why the organ?

I’m preparing my young organ students for a recital just two weeks away now, and as part of the printed program, I’m including short bios. One question I’m asking all of them is: “Out of all the musical instruments, why did you pick the organ?” The answers may surprise you! [My comments are in brackets, LOL!]

“I already was taking piano and wanted to learn a new instrument—I chose organ because it has a keyboard but has so many sounds and colors.” [Yeah, and you get to play with your feet!]

“The organ is way cooler than any other musical instrument!’ [You got it!]

“So I can play for church services.” [No more weekends and holidays for you!]

“Because the organ is so powerful.” [Yup, the loudest instrument of all! We can outplay ANYBODY!]

“Because the organ is B-I-G! [My favorite answer of all!]

Family and friends are invited, of course, and everyone else is welcome to see what these kids can do. I’ve already been told about one student, “He has quite a following!” That’s great—invite them all!

And psst—there will be a little surprise performance at the end!

Oh, and we’ll get another chance to put the Orgelkids pipe organ kit together, but this time the KIDS will do it! Go back and read how much fun the adults had in doing this! (“How many organists does it take to…“)

Clay Logue puts on the finishing pieces. Jieun Newland, Gary Kahn and Karen Leatherman look on.




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