The kids did it!

Yesterday’s performers.

I am happy to report that yesterday’s Young Organist recital was a grand success in every possible way, and the students did themselves and their parents proud. Even one girl who repeatedly told me. “I quit the piano because I can’t play recitals—I always play BAAAAD and am going to mess up!” gave a fantastic performance, probably the best I’ve ever heard her play. And no—she did not mess up!

Each student kept it together and gave a fine performance. Whew! what a relief!

If you’d like to see the program, you can click here: YoungOrganist

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You’ll see that I was in several of the photos, either as a page turner, or playing duets. The last piece was an extended organ duet, with myself on the big organ and Jieun Newland on the continuo organ. Sometimes we played separately, and sometimes we played together—all great fun, and a chance for the students and parents to hear both organs. With the continuo organ in its usual place, the audience had great seats to hear the big organ in one ear, and the continuo organ in the other!

Our audience included family members, AGO members and LCH parishioners.

As promised, after the recital was over, the kids put the Orgelkids pipe organ kit in no time at all (I think it was about 35 minutes!) and got a chance to either play it or pump the bellows.

Here’s where we started.

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Lots of fun! In fact, I had so much fun yesterday, that I came home exhausted and was a couch potato for the rest of the night!


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