The week after Easter

The flowered cross at the United Church of Christ Judd Street

I have to say that this year’s Holy Week has been about as unholy and unlike any other which I spent in church music. Oh yes, I remember the years of spending the entire week at the church, and even yesterday, when I went to give an organ lesson, I saw the church set up for the Easter Vigil. Do I miss it? Both yes and no.

I did play today’s Easter Day service at the United Church of Christ Judd Street, which was plenty outside of my comfort zone, having had to accompany a gospel-like anthem on the piano! I also played Bach for the postlude which I performed from the miniature score! (Yes, I can still read from miniature scores, after my cataract surgery!)

Raphael at the organ

On the other hand, this coming week after Easter will be super busy. Tomorrow morning, I am scheduled to accompany the Iolani Chorus in their anthem at the Easter Monday All-School chapel, and I have to arrive by 7:00 am. Tomorrow I also have a follow-up appointment with my eye doctor following cataract surgery. There will be lots of organ lessons with students this week in addition to playing for three chapel services at Punahou School. It’s the last week of lessons with my organ student, Steven Severin, before he gives his recital next Sunday.

But what I’m really looking forward to is Thursday night, when I attend the Oahu Choral Society’s performance of Carmina Burana and Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. You see, my organ student, Raphael Stark will be the boy soprano soloist in the Bernstein!

I’m really looking forward to hearing Raphael’s sweet, sweet voice in the second movement. Years ago, my late husband, Carl Crosier, sang this solo with the then-Honolulu Symphony, and I remember the person behind me saying in a stage whisper, “Wow! what an unusual voice!” I have a feeling that Raphael is going to bring the house down with his beautiful voice!

And about eight or nine years ago, I remember being with the Stark family when Raphael was only a toddler. His sister, Sophia, told me that Raphael’s favorite songs were from Carmina Burana! That’s what happens when you have two professional musicians as parents, Georgine and Darel Stark!


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