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When it rains, it pours

Either that, or I have a hole in my  head! This morning I was happily reading my email messages, and I opened up the one from the Cathedral of St. Andrew. There I read about the concerts that are happening … Continue reading

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Music education through performance

Over the years, many LCH children have been involved in the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus to further their music education. Naomi Castro, Karyn Castro, Marisa Castello, Elizabeth Pearson, and Joseph Pearson are some of the names which come to mind. … Continue reading

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From generation to generation, Part II

In earlier posts, I have written about passing the torch concerning the younger generation and the pipe organ. Last night we rejoiced with Naomi Castro as it was announced that she has accepted the choral directorship at St. Andrew’s Priory, … Continue reading

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The role of the choral conductor

Last night, Carl and I watched one of our favorite local PBS programs, “Long Story Short,” with host Leslie Wilcox. I was very happy to see that the guest was local choral conductor, Nola Nahulu. You can replay the interview … Continue reading

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