The death of Carl Crosier

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Carl Crosier, 1945-2014

Carl Crosier, 1945-2014

Announcement of his illness
The next step in the journey

Words of comfort
Walking on water

The tributes pour in
With grateful hearts

Home Hospice Care
Home, James!

Carl’s last moments
Bach to the end

Announcement of his death
Carl Crosier, 1945-2014

List of funeral and memorial services
Services of remembrance

Newspaper obituary:
A story instead of an obituary

Father William’s homily at the funeral
A life of faith and music

Carl Crosier Requiem Service Booklet

Complete audio of the funeral service

Reactions to the funeral service
Carl’s final gift

Tribute by Ken Peterson, Seattle Compline Choir member
Remembering Carl Crosier (1945-2014)

Evensong at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, August 31, 2014
Carl’s evensong and epitaph

Service at St. Andrew’s Priory
Remembering the Prime Minister

Song written for Carl’s retirement by Sandra Theunick
A Song for Carl

Carl’s epitaph
Gone but not forgotten


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